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Born With A Tail

12 August
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I'm Jason and I live wonderful Larryville, KS. I'm a data entry clerk by day for a big corporation called Pearson Government Solutions. and I play drums in a Kansas City based rock band called Honeywagen by night. It's very Big Star, Replacements, Cheap Trick and Matthew Sweet. The Beatles meets AC/DC is what we are going for. I'm also a music writer who has done a lot of stuff for a couple of different magazine/websites about the local music scene around here. I also go see LOT'S of shows, drink way to much, watch sports, spend to much time online and like to have a lot of fun. Hopefully you'll not be to bored by my rants here in my little journal.
ac/dc, action movies, all, anthrax, architects, beer, big boobs, big star, big tits, black sabbath, bluegrass music, cheap trick, chow yun-fat, classic country music, cretin 66, dandercroft, danko jones, daveys uptown, discovery channel, drumming, drums, ecw, emma feel, food network, hatebreed, honeywagen, iron maiden, jackie chan, jet lei, john travolta, johnny cash, judas priest, kansas city, kc chiefs football, kc royals baseball, kill creek, ku basketball, kurt russell, lawrence, led zepplen, local music, ludwig drums, matthew sweet, megadeth, metallica, modern drummer, motorhead, nashville pussy, nicole kidman, o'phil, parlay, pendergast, pennywise, percussion, porn, pro wrestling, pulp fiction, punk rock, quentin tarantino movies, rancid, ren and stimpy, rock shows, rockets from the crypt, rush, ruskabank, sahara hotnights, samuel l. jackson, season to risk, sex, social distortion, spiderman, split lip rayfield, spongebob squarepants, strung out, ten foot pole, tenderloin, the (international) noise conspiracy, the amazing royal crowns, the beatles, the blues brothers, the bottleneck, the brick, the burden brothers, the burning brides, the creature comforts, the datsuns, the decendents, the distillers, the donnas, the dwarves, the federation of horsepower, the gotohells, the hellacopters, the justice league, the mooney suzuki, the muppets, the peepshows, the pyro room, the replacements, the replay lounge, the rev. horton heat, the rolling stones, the supersuckers, the throttlers, the who, thin lizzy, throw rag, tits, tna, turbonegro, ultimate fakebook, willie nelson, women, wwe, zeke, zildjian cymbals, zz top